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5 Ways Mobile Banking Helps You Connect with Consumers

By Jonathan Tarud
5 Ways Mobile Banking Helps You Connect with Consumers

The need for mobile banking is higher than ever and the numbers are consistently showing great increase of mobile-based activity. The ability for banks to keep pace with the continuous technological advancements becomes both more challenging and more vital.

As the activity through mobile banking is growing the demands from the ...

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Koombea Attends SXSW in SoDA Session Digital Panel

By Carmen Apostu
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Today everything is digital. With Apple Pay, Google and Bitcoin Wallets taking over with NFC technology, it seems that just about everything we used to have in our pockets (cell phones and leather wallets) are just about obsolete.

For those who are looking to build or build upon these products, it ...

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9 Metrics for SaaS Product Managers

By Lars Trieloff
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Every company wants to be data-driven these days and for good reason: thorough analysis and testing of hypotheses using data is the best and most sustainable way of improving products and services. However, the available techniques that product managers can use to make data-driven decisions differ greatly between product categories. ...

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How to Increase User Engagement in Your Apps With Gamification

By Kate Swanberg
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Do you remember Super Mario Brothers?

(Of course you do, right?)

It’s the Nintendo game that swept the nation for years—and if you’ve stepped foot into a college dorm room over the past decade, you’d see that it’s still common.

And it’s no surprise—the game entices you from the very first level.

But what’s ...

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Mobile Year

By Ivan Serrano

Take a moment to think about your current marketing strategy. Is your website optimized for the mobile web? Are you active on social media? If not, it’s time to prep your business for the “Mobile Year.”

2014 introduced many advancements in mobile such as Apple Pay with branded content marketing. As these ...

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