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5 Mobile App Trends For 2016

By Carmen Apostu
5 Mobile App Trends for 2016

With every new year, promises and predictions are championed by seemingly everyone. But what trends will actually make a difference for you and your business?

Not all opinions are created equal, especially not for mobile apps.

So, to help you hear the signal over all the noise, we’ve rounded up the five ...

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2015: Koombea Year In Review

By Jonathan Tarud
Koombea Year in Review 2015

2015 has been an amazing year at Koombea and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve got for 2016.

This year, we hit some major milestones!

We worked on nearly 130 exciting projects given by our amazing clients.

We have proven our high quality performance and maturity as a company through Continue Reading

6 Ways Big Data Is Impacting Healthcare

By Carmen Apostu
6 Ways Big Data Impacts Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been notably slow moving when it comes to entrepreneurial innovation and the cross-pollination of existing technologies. Today, however, the mounting evidence on the beneficial impact of big data on medicine, hospitals, doctors, insurers, researchers, governments, and individuals means that we are beginning to find ways of ...

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The Coming Revolution of Wearable Technology and Healthcare

By Carmen Apostu
Wearable Technology and Healthcare Apps

There is no doubt that wearable technology is becoming a rapidly growing part of the world around us.

With the vast number of possible applications, ease of use, and increasing technology, this category will change our lives in ways we have still yet to see.

Not surprisingly, one of the most exciting ...

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Koombea’s 8th Year Anniversary Letter From CEO Jonathan Tarud

By Jonathan Tarud
Koombea - 8th Anniversary

Dear friends,

Today Koombea celebrates its eighth year of existence.

Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey that turned out to be truly remarkable and much more fulfilling than what we originally envisioned. What started from the desire to help founders concretize their app dreams and succeed, quickly turned into an ...

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The IoT and What That Means for Mobile Apps Going Into 2020

By Nicolas Costa
Internet of things

IoT is simple: it’s about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us,  doing their best to simplify our lives. It refers to the network of smart devices that we rely on every single day.

The popular, if silly, example is the smart fridge: what if your fridge could ...

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Hey Startups! Should You Pursue An Accelerator or Pre-Accelerator?

By Lorena Bernal
accelerator or pre accelerator

Cheers! You are accepted…

These days, an exciting occasion for any startup is to get accepted into accelerator programs.

The accelerator incubator’s sole purpose is to foster extreme and rapid growth for the startups they’ve added to their portfolios. And it’s happening left and right for startups today.

Mobile app startups are ...

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