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They’re Called Mobile Moments and CX Will Never Be the Same

By Carmen Apostu
Mobile Moments Changed CX

Customer or consumer experience (CX) has evolved many times throughout the years of interacting with patrons.

The personal and tailored era in the 20’s and 30’s, the mass production and impersonal sales teams of the 80’s and 90’s, and, of course, the dot com boom of e-commerce.

However, there is a new ...

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Methods to Monetize Connectivity with the IoT

By Carmen Apostu
Methods to monetize connectivity with the iot

Creating programs that make existing products more beneficial and even inventing new items that help mankind is an incredibly rewarding way to spend your life.

While you may have an idea (or an entire company) devoted to using the IoT to make other lives better, you still want to make a ...

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Can You Provide CyberSecurity in a World of Hyperconnectivity?

By Carmen Apostu
Cybersecurity in a world of hyperconnectivity

Your personal data is in the hands of hackers (most likely). You can be the most thoughtful person when it comes to identity protection, but it won’t help you.

In 2014, over 1,000,000,000 individuals had private data hacked (that’s a billion, for those counting). Sure, there were a lot more cases ...

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Putting a Lock on the Cloud: Privacy as a Service May Be the Answer

By Nicolas Costa
Privacy as a service

Identity Theft. Privacy. Data Security.

These phrases have been chosen to represent a broad range of security concerns that have the average consumer more on edge than ever before.

In fact, regardless of your primary business model, ensuring your customer’s private data is safe has to be a service you provide going ...

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How Cloud Solutions Are Changing the Role of Product Managers Forever

By Lorena Bernal
Cloud Solutions

In any product management environment, most developers share a concern about having the resources needed to create and deliver quality products without complications.

Cloud platforms have made huge strides to improve the availability of resources, while also improving the overall process. Consequently, product managers can move things along quickly with higher ...

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Product Management Trends You Can’t Avoid in 2016

By Lorena Bernal
Product management trends 2016

Have you ever heard the term “nothing new under the sun”?

It’s actually a term used by King Solomon to illustrate that everything goes around and ends up happening again.

How does this term relate to product management? Allow me to illustrate.


New trends are constantly emerging in the product world, whether they ...

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